Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Seddie Awards

Seddie Awards

I am so sorry about how late this is! :( I am working on the certificates and will send them to the winners hopefully sometime this week....Thank you to all that voted...I am glad to tell you the winners of the first Seddie Awards! :D

Best Reviewer

Best Seddie Episode

Best Seddie Moment
The Kiss

Best Seddie Shipper (Twitter)

Most Nicest Seddie Fan
Sarcastic Leaves

Best Freddie Nickname

Seddie Day
3rd January 2009 The Kiss

Secret Seddie Shipper
Dan Schneider

Best Seddie Fan Fic
iWo n’t be 17 forever by LuDiamonds

Best Seddie Video Maker?

OK and thats the winners! Thanks for you patience and a special shoutout to SeddieMania! <3

Thanks everyone and tomorrow I will do videos <3