Sunday, 27 September 2009

iSpeed Date Review

I loved this episode. There were some really good Seddie moments in this episode. Here they are:
  1. Sam has a new nickname for Freddie.
  2. Freddie brought bacon for Sam so she would be nice to him
  3. She said "wow Freddie I never realised what a hot, handsome hunk of a boy you really are"
  4. We had another hallway scene!
  5. Sam wanted to know what was wrong with Freddie
  6. Freddie laughed at Sam when Gibby turned her down
  7. The pathelic plays with Sam and Freddie
  8. Freddie's tshirt says "Special Ham" we all know who that means
  9. He wouldn't let Sam go home
  10. How sorry did you feel at the end. Sam looked really upset :(

Friday, 25 September 2009

My Seddie Trailer iFall for a Nerd


Sam realises that she is falling for a nerd but he is dating her best friend!

iSpeed Date Reminder! :)

iSpeed Date is tomorrow! Are you excited? What do you think will happen? Leave your comments below.
I would also like to thank SarcasticLeaves and Lanetea for mentioning this blog on their youtube video! :) They are amazing.
So here is the video! :)

Please Welcome PrincessSeddie

Please welcome the newest helper of the blog! PrincessSeddie of Seddietopia! :)

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

iCook Moments

The Seddie Moments in iCook

Sunday, 20 September 2009

iThink They Kissed Moments

I know a bit late!


"You. Spoke. Of. It" Sam

"Yes Sam and I kissed" Freddie

"You know that kid Freddie" Sam

"Me and Freddie kissed" Sam

"We promised each other we'd never speak of it again. Aw man I'm speaking of it again" Freddie

"You swore we'd never tell anyone we kissed" Sam

"As soon as we're free I can turn my back and you two can resume kissing" Carly

Favourite Scene

"How long was it?" Carly

"Huh?" Sam

"How long was it?" Carly
"I don't know" Freddie

"7 seconds" Sam

"7-8" Freddie

"Oh. Was it fun?" Carly

"Fun?" Sam
"Did you guys like it" Carly

They just look at each other


Freddie's song Seddie edition

I like the way you beat me up

So why did you chose him instead

Girl who picks on me

iSpeed Date Speculations

Okay so my speculation for iSpeed Date is:
That obviously its about Carly speed dating guys who watch iCarly and Sam is playing matchmaker.
Okay when I saw the promo I thought who is Sam's dating? and I was hoping Freddie but this is apartley the Creddie kisss episode. So here is my new speculation:
So there is a school dance and Sam gets a date with someone who isn't Freddie :( and Carly can't get a date so on iCarly Sam annouces that Carly is looking for a date for the school dance interested guys means a plus. So Carly asks a few guys to meet with her and she speed dates. She decides to give Freddie a chance and it goes really well and they kiss. Okay I have 3 speculations for the kiss:
1. When Freddie goes to kiss Carly he says he can't because he loves Sam
2. When Freddie kisses Carly he is thinking of Sam
3. After the kiss he tells Carly Sam was a better kisser
and then Freddie asks Sam to the dance as friends and Carly picks one of the dudes from the speed dates.
I know I'm so bad at speculations! :)

iCook Seddie Review

Dan posted that this episode would be a strong half hour comedy and no relationship developments but there was tons of Seddie moments like there is in many of the iCarly episodes. So here are the ones I got:
  • Sam licked her finger and stuck it in Freddie's ear (that was just typical Sam)
  • Freddie said "and my hatred grows stronger" which means "and my love for you grows stronger in Seddie language. If you think back to the last scene of iKiss.
  • Freddie lent Sam his homework
  • Sam tried to electrocute Freddie
  • Freddie saved Sam from her locker because he thought it was on fire showing how much he cares for her
  • They were asking the same questions at the same time.
  • Then my personal fave, the Seddie slaps so cute when the looked at each other and Sam hit Freddie and then he hit her back and Carly was just standing there.

If there is anymore please leave comments

Seddie Poster

The poster I made yesterday. Do you like it? I still need to finish it but here:

Welcome fellow Seddie Shippers

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