Sunday, 27 September 2009

iSpeed Date Review

I loved this episode. There were some really good Seddie moments in this episode. Here they are:
  1. Sam has a new nickname for Freddie.
  2. Freddie brought bacon for Sam so she would be nice to him
  3. She said "wow Freddie I never realised what a hot, handsome hunk of a boy you really are"
  4. We had another hallway scene!
  5. Sam wanted to know what was wrong with Freddie
  6. Freddie laughed at Sam when Gibby turned her down
  7. The pathelic plays with Sam and Freddie
  8. Freddie's tshirt says "Special Ham" we all know who that means
  9. He wouldn't let Sam go home
  10. How sorry did you feel at the end. Sam looked really upset :(

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