Sunday, 20 September 2009

iThink They Kissed Moments

I know a bit late!


"You. Spoke. Of. It" Sam

"Yes Sam and I kissed" Freddie

"You know that kid Freddie" Sam

"Me and Freddie kissed" Sam

"We promised each other we'd never speak of it again. Aw man I'm speaking of it again" Freddie

"You swore we'd never tell anyone we kissed" Sam

"As soon as we're free I can turn my back and you two can resume kissing" Carly

Favourite Scene

"How long was it?" Carly

"Huh?" Sam

"How long was it?" Carly
"I don't know" Freddie

"7 seconds" Sam

"7-8" Freddie

"Oh. Was it fun?" Carly

"Fun?" Sam
"Did you guys like it" Carly

They just look at each other


Freddie's song Seddie edition

I like the way you beat me up

So why did you chose him instead

Girl who picks on me

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