Sunday, 20 September 2009

iCook Seddie Review

Dan posted that this episode would be a strong half hour comedy and no relationship developments but there was tons of Seddie moments like there is in many of the iCarly episodes. So here are the ones I got:
  • Sam licked her finger and stuck it in Freddie's ear (that was just typical Sam)
  • Freddie said "and my hatred grows stronger" which means "and my love for you grows stronger in Seddie language. If you think back to the last scene of iKiss.
  • Freddie lent Sam his homework
  • Sam tried to electrocute Freddie
  • Freddie saved Sam from her locker because he thought it was on fire showing how much he cares for her
  • They were asking the same questions at the same time.
  • Then my personal fave, the Seddie slaps so cute when the looked at each other and Sam hit Freddie and then he hit her back and Carly was just standing there.

If there is anymore please leave comments

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